When live music loses, everybody loses

The live music scene has fluctuated up and down over the years, and once again it has been struck.

Australia is soon to lose three iconic live music venues, reports Tone Deaf.

Fans of FBi Social, a long-term pop-up stage situated on Level 2 of the Kings Cross Hotel, will be disheartened as the team will be closing after one last show on Saturday 1 November.

In addition, renowned dinner and show teams will be closing their venues in Dee Why, Sydney and Kincumber, Central Coast in 2015.

These venues may seem insignificant, but these closures signify something more worrying about the Australian music scene.

After the lock-out laws imposed in Sydney in February this year, there have been fears that the live music scene may disappear. Of 220 hotels, pubs and clubs effected by these laws, 143 are classified as live music venues. As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, while larger music venues such as the Metro Theatre won’t be affected due to their 12pm finishing times, it is smaller venues that provide space and exposure for up-and-coming musicians that will cop massive change. This applies to bands, as well as dance music venues, such as Good God Small Club, where international DJ’s often play sets well after 1am.

We have a massive amount of talent in this country, especially Sydney, and the closure of venues and a limitation on artist’s ability to spread their music is an extremely negative tactic… particularly when the City of Sydney council has launched efforts to revive our live music culture.

Bit hypocritical, I’d say.

So what can we do about it? Keep on supporting live music – LIVE THE GIG. Be there, experience it and spread the word about how lucky we are to have access to it. Just don’t be a dickhead while you’re doing it.


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